Thanks to our secret missionary work in the Austin music scene the Ministry will be opening for the internationally infamous group of homosexual Black Metal Devil wizards that call themselves Turbonegro. The group comes from Norway where burning churches is a national sport and homosexuality is subsidized by the government. Donnie will not shrug at the weight of this great task! What need is their for healing among the well? This is spiritual battle of the highest order!


2/01/2007: MySpace replaced the Evening Service MySpace profile! What do you bands think about that? Update: They snaked Donnie's page too!

1/27/2007: MySpace censors Donnie Davies! Information available on LGWM Home Page.

1/24/2007: The people have spoken! The Evening Service and Love Gods Way Ministries are among the most popular sites on the Internet!

The Band

Evening Service the band have been making music together for a long time. They first started making songs in Junior High and haven’t stopped since. The lineup has changed a little bit since the early days, but the enthusiasm to create the perfect song hasn’t.

Being from south Houston has been as much of a factor in the tone of the music as being Christian. We hate to label ourselves as a “Christian Rock” band, even though our faith is a big inspiration. When it comes to writing music we don’t like to limit it to a category. We let our thoughts come out in the music and it is what it is. Houston is a strange place and we feel like it is reflected in our music. We live not too far from the chemical plants in Baytown and sometimes being so close to that kind of industry creates intense self-reflection, which is what we are all about.

We recently signed with Love Gods Way Ministries to help them with their new programs and produce our new album. They introduced us to Donnie Davies and are helping us focus on the album full-time. Donnie came in and showed us some of the songs he had written for the program. It is tough material and very new for the band but Donnie is a huge inspiration. Right from the first time we learned one of Donnie’s songs and he sang with us on the album, we knew it was something big. It is turning out to be one of the coolest records we’ve ever heard.

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